3 Things You Have to Consider Before Purchasing an Air-Conditioner


Purchasing an air-conditioner is no easy feat! Although some air-conditioning systems may have similar outputs, there are certain aspects to consider before making a final decision as it is crucial to find a suitable unit for the designated living space.

Cooling capacity is not the only thing you need to consider before buying a new air conditioner. Aside from horsepower, here are some crucial factors you must take into consideration before purchasing your air-conditioning unit:



1. British Thermal Unit (BTU) and Room Size

In Malaysia, air-conditioning systems are necessary for every living space and work area due to the weather conditions of the tropical climate. Hence, knowing the room size of the designated area plays a crucial role in finding the right air-conditioning system. Next, calculate the BTUs by using a specific formula. It is very important to know the value of BTUs for every square foot beforehand to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of cooling the designated area. To calculate the BTUs of an area, use the formula provided below:


Step 1: Determine the size in square feet


Step 2: Calculate the BTU value using this preset formula


65 (BTU/h) x Size = BTU/h (the cooling capacity you need)
Example of a space with a square foot of 140:


65 (BTU/h) x 140 sqft = 9,100 BTU/h


Step 3: Choose the right air-conditioning capacity according to the BTU value

Now, choose an air-conditioner that will meet the cooling capacity of 9,100 BTU/h. In addition, you may also consider other factors like ceiling height, natural light and the number of occupants in the room to maximise efficiency and effectiveness as well.

The value of BTUs in an air-conditioning system will vary with different brands, although they may have a similar horsepower.


Step 4: Other factors

Windows, electrical equipment, the number of occupants and the position of a home or room will also contribute to the effectiveness of cooling. For instance, if a room or window is more exposed to direct sunlight, an air-conditioner with a higher BTU value would suit the designated area better.


Step 5: Choose the right air conditioner




2. Additional features

The technology of air-conditioning systems is ever-evolving and it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for the latest features to optimise the cooling capabilities of a designated area/room. Such as the following:


A) Inverter Technology

The inverter technology enhances the energy efficiency for the entire cooling system and allows your air-conditioning system to operate quietly, providing added comfort while in use.


B) Plusma

Ionized plasma is introduced within the system itself to produce cool and clean air. Bad air particles and pollutants are filtered out, leaving your room or workspace with clean fresh air.

Plusma works by ionizing the particles that enter the air-conditioning system through ionic bonding where it reduces the number of bacteria in the air. These charged particles are then cleaned and filtered by a low-grade filter to produce clean air.


C) Exterior Design (Personalised Skin & Colour)

Enhance the aesthetic value of a room by personalising the skin and colour of your Acson. Units that have that feature will bear the term “Personalized-theme-skin”.



3. Installation and Service


A) Installation

The installation process of an air-conditioning system also plays a crucial role as this affects the lifespan of your air-conditioning unit. Do ensure that you hire an appropriate professional to do this to ensure that you will not have any underlying problems in the near future.


B) Spare Parts

Don’t worry about the long run, spare parts for Acson air-conditioning systems are aplenty even after a span of 7 years. Acson promises the availability of spare parts for many years to come.