3 Ways To Maintain Your Air Conditioning System


An air-conditioner is one of the most important and frequently used appliances at home. Hence, caring for your air-conditioning system should be a priority to extend the lifespan of your unit. Your air-conditioning system traps dirt, fungus and bacteria when it’s in use and it should be cleaned regularly.


Here’s how to service your air-conditioning system with 3 simple steps:



1.Clean the air filter


Most of the air conditioning systems are equipped with its respective air filter. Simply ensure that they are cleaned once a month to allow it to work optimally.



2.Clean the indoor unit


It is highly recommended that you clean the indoor unit and its cooling coil every 2 months, especially if it’s frequently in use. Alternatively, you may also hire an air-conditioning technician if you’re not confident in cleaning it yourself. Ensure that the exterior surface of the air-conditioning unit is clean as well.



3.Clean the outdoor unit (condenser)


Excessive dirt can clog up the fins of your condenser. This will affect the effectiveness of heat dissipation of your air-conditioning unit, which will affect its overall performance. Cleaning the condenser requires the skills of a certified technician.


Schedule a thorough cleaning session every 6 months to ensure that your air-conditioning system is always functioning at optimum capacity. Keep your air-conditioning systems clean and it’ll last you for years to come.