Buying Guide
Step 1: Determine Capacity

Room Size

Electronics Device



The table provides understanding of the required horse power for the respective room sizes.

BTU is the most important thing to look out for when selecting an Air Conditioner. The right value is highly essential to make sure that the Air Conditioner is working at peak efficiency.
The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the international measurement of energy.
A BTU measures the amount of heat an AC unit can remove from the room.
As the BTU rating increases, so does the size, weight and cost of the AC. Room ACs are generally 5,000 to 24,000 BTU.
Calculate the floor space by measuring the length and width of the room. As summing normal floor height of 10ft (3m).
If the installed AC is too small for your room, it might take very long to cool your room or none at all.
While an oversized air conditioner might cause sweating and frequent compressor cut off.
Step 2: Choose Air-Conditioner Type

Wall Mounted
-Normal enclosed space

Ceiling Cassette
-With plaster ceiling
-Aesthetic is a must (concealed piping)
-Larger area coverage

- Localized cooling
-Temporary installation
Step 3: Choose Inverter or Non-Inverter

Eco-friendly gas

Eco-friendly gas + Energy Saving save up to 50%
Do you really need inverter?
How to bring the best out of inverter system:
Long usage time (4 hours). Inverter system will save but if you are not planning to use the system very long every day, a non-inverter system will do.
Enclosed space. In order for inverter system to be stabilize, an enclosed space is a must.
Comfort level. An inverter system could provide better temperature control. Thus, if you are very sensitive to temperature changes or often wake up in the middle of night due to too cold. You could get an inverter system for your bedroom.
Step 4: Check Piping

If you do not have any aircond piping, you can skip this step.

Without Concealed Copper Pipe

Change from R22 gas to R410A gas. Require change thicker copper piping. (No extra cost occurred)
Concealed Copper Pipe

Change from R22 gas to R410A gas. Required change to thicker copper piping and wall hacking. (Extra cost occurred)
Step 5: Understand our Standard Installation

Know Our Standard Installation

Our standard installation comes with installation & comissioning indoor and outdoor unit air conditioner with standard accessory.


Indoor Installation

Outdoor installation with bracket

Copper Piping
(up to 15 feets)

PVC Drainage Pipe
(up to 15 feets)

* Not inclusive of power supply wiring, wall hacking, concealed piping and others not stated above.
* For any additional job on-site during installation, a seperate quotation will be provided by Acson Authorize Installer.

Installation Quality Assurance


Copper Piping
(thickness at least 0.61mm)

Wiring cable size
(Mega cable or Southern Cable)

ACSON brand Copper Piping
(genuine part)

Good Quality Workmanship